Pashto Poetry

Pashto is the second most spoken language in Afghanistan. It’s a native language of almost half of the population, and it has about 46 million speakers around the world. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because it’s one of two official languages in Afghanistan. Pashto poetry is very popular in a society where people often recite them at home or at gatherings to share their feelings with others.

They are usually composed using an elaborate form known as “Kafi” which contains many stanzas called “mashed”. Poetry can be written by both men and women but there are some who think that only men should write poems while women should focus on stories instead.

Pashto poetry was first noted during the time when Alexander the Great invaded the region. It has been popular throughout history to communicate messages through poetry, similar to how it is now.

Themes for Pashto poetry usually love stories or religious messages. Before writing a poem the author always needs to have their quill made into three shapes that represent water, fire, and earth which means different things in Pashto culture.

yar da sifat muhtaja ne de

pa gulabono attar cha shendle de na

Da Nafratoono Pa De Khaar Kei Ra Lewey Shewe Khalak

Senga Ba Poha She Da Juwand Ao Muhabbat Pa jeba

Ze jawandon Khplay zai da har sitam zapalay

Zama da Stery zre awaz duniya ta charta rasy.

Ku zama pa marg De zre we teegha rawakhla

Da qasab ghuntay me band pa band juda ka.

Ghara Ba halta Marg ta kedam

Che me Shereen Janan Munkar la mene sheena.

Suk che da pa sir bacha she

suk da ashna da lasa theethe starge gharze.

Pa neema shpa Da Koora ruka

Koor ta raza abay de ma badnama weena.

Che sta naa byal she nu fitwaa pri laagi

che sta ashna shei farishta she sare.

Ze so zalay mayn shomaa aow so zalay nakam shom

Ze so zaaya aow so wara aow so Ranga badnaam shom.

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